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Never Worry About How To Care For Black Hair Again With These Tips

by Abdullah Mohamed on April 05, 2022

No two women have the same hair care needs. It varies according to their hair color, quality, style, texture, and type of hair. Today we are discussing black hair care and how to keep them healthy and hydrated keeping the breakage risk low.

If you are experiencing continuous hair loss but looking to make your black hair grow fast, perhaps you must consider investing in natural hair care products that are readily available on web stores online. Although such products aid in the process of taking excellent care of your tresses, you can boost your hair growth by fixing your daily lifestyle habits too. A lot depend upon what we consume and how we lead our regular life.

From picking the right shampoo to the way you sleep and eat matters a lot. Of course, there are many other tips that you could follow to care for your black hair and grow them quickly. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into some of the awesome tips and tricks that make your tresses strong, healthy, shiny, and perfect just the way you desire:


1. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

As you know, sulfates are harmful chemicals, they can easily damage your hair. If you use shampoo having sulfate, your tresses will become more dry and frizzy. Instead, you should go for a shampoo with natural ingredients as they make your hair softer and grow faster. 

After shampooing, when your hair is still wet apply a deep conditioner. Put it on your ends and leave it for 5-10 minutes.


2. Weekly Hair Bathing

Washing your hair frequently can dry out your hair and scalp area. It can remove hair care products and subsequently, natural oils in your hair fade out. Washing twice a week is recommended if you have dandruff issues. 

Be gentle when washing your hair. Massage the scalp gently and pat the hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it harshly.


3. Eat Fiber-Rich Food and Drink Plenty of Water

Make greens a part of your healthy diet. Whether you consume them in food or liquid form, it’s going to benefit your hair and overall body health. You can choose from spinach, broccoli, carrots, chard, and kale to keep your hair healthy.

Particularly in summers, it is easy to get dehydrated. The average intake for you would be 8 glasses a day. Don’t go beyond this and it's completely okay to raise it to 10 glasses.


4. Manage Stress Level Wisely

Going through an extreme range of emotions on certain days takes away your mental peace. So, do not hesitate to keep a check on your mental health. Stress directly or indirectly affects our wellness and you wouldn’t realize it until you get lost in it.

In worst cases, it not just affects our physical and mental health but hair health too. Having better control of our emotions is what is needed. Try to indulge in yoga and meditation which actually improves your spiritual growth as well.


5. Keep your Hair Well Moisturized

Just so you know moisturizers are not just for skin, but hair as well. However, make sure that the oil, serums, or moisturizers that you apply to your hair are paraben and sulfate-free. Otherwise, it can hamper your overall hair health. So, be wary of the ingredients and choose the product with discretion.


6. Avoid Using Hair Tools

Using a blow-dry can make you lose your hair and gradually fall. If you use it once or twice a month, it is good. But, having to use it daily and taking your soft shiny hair for granted is not going to give you the best results.

Try different hairstyles but with minimal use of hair straighteners or hair curlers. Everyone wants to look gorgeous using such tools but refrain from doing it at the expense of putting your hair growth at risk.


7. Using Coffee Hair Dye

No doubt, the caffeine in coffee can do wonders to your hair. It promotes hair growth, lengthens the hair shaft, and prolongs anagen duration. You can use it as a hair pack and also as a hair dye to color your hair red or black as per your preference.

By now, you know how effective hair care and maintenance can be to keep your hair strong and black. Indeed, caring for fortresses on a regular basis can boost their growth and reduce damage. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned tactics and you never have to panic about your hair situation in the future.

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