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5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Colored Wigs

by Abdullah Mohamed on May 04, 2022

As summer is almost upon us, the best way to welcome it is with new gorgeous hair. Maybe this time you can try some bold and beautiful hair color wigs. You can pick blue, pink, purple, or green virgin hair wigs. Carrying such attractive looks boosts your confidence. 

Choosing a colored wig is quite interesting as you get to experiment with your hair in a temporary way without losing the quality and shine of your natural hair. If you’re someone who enjoys trying new hair looks every season, then trying a color wig would be your thing. 

Despite the hair length or style, you choose, buying the best virgin human hair-colored wig online is not as easy as it seems. It is a little complicated given the fact that you need to factor in other aspects of your personality - the color of your skin, eye color, and of course, the lasting capability of a colored wig. 

Let’s shed some light on some important ways that help you select the perfect color shade for the new season. The one that also fits your budget and preferences:


1. Buy a Wig that Matches your Eye Color

It is quite imperative to pick a color wig that rightly suits the color tone of your eyes. Those who have cool eyes can go with wigs of deep-brown, icy blue, gray-blue, or hazel with white color. 

On the other hand, people with warm eyes can go with green-blue, yellow-green, or can go for a color-toned wig.


2. Pick a Wig that Matches your Skin Tone

As much as it's important to choose the shade that matches your eye color, it is equally essential that a colored wig goes well with your skin color. Warm tone and cool tone are the two types of skin tone. 

To figure out your skin tone, you must wash your makeup first. Because you don’t want to find a wig that matches your foundation. You want a color wig that matches the natural glow of your skin.


3. Seek Comfort Always

You must find a color wig that can go with the shape of your head. There are different styles and shapes of colored wigs available online as per an individual’s face cut. So, before you make the buying decision, first identify your face shape. It could be round, oval, long, square, or triangle.

Once you know your face shape, go ahead with buying a colored wig that is comfortable and easy to wear on every occasion.


4. Select Fade-Resistant Wig Color

The most prevalent issue with wigs and their hair colors is they easily fade in sunlight. Especially, the darkest colors fade the most. So, those who are living in hot climates can relate to this difficult dilemma.

So, if you’re someone who happens to live in sunny weather conditions then it is about time you choose a color that doesn’t fade away quickly.


5. Consider your Age While Choosing a Wig Color

It is essential to choose a color that suits your life stage. As we age, lighter hair tends to be more attractive and flattering as opposed to darker shades. Warm shades give a more natural look to a paler skin tone. 

In case you're going through chemotherapy treatment, you can go for a wig that is two or three shades lighter than your natural color. For instance, if your natural hair color is black, a dark brown shade would be a perfect supplemental color.


Handy tips to buy the right colored wig

Always be a little wise in picking the colored wig. Take your time to do experiments and choose the perfect color that matches your personality. And, no matter what type of colored wig you buy online, here are some quick tips:


  • Make sure the size of a wig fits your head. 
  • Be sure the material of the wig is not irritating your scalp.
  • Buy a colored wig that stands and retains its shape.
  • Select a high-quality hair care product to make sure less damage happens to your wig. Be considerate on deciding the hair care ritual so it lasts a long time.

Now you will be able to shop more confidently knowing the factors that matter in picking the perfect hair shade for your next look.

These unique facets make sure that no matter what colored wig you choose, it will be uniquely yours. So, when you shop, be clear on your requirements and get the right human hair wig that accentuates your appearance. 

Check out our beauty store once and get access to 100% soft virgin human hair that you can wear on casual or special occasions. Putting on a wig that you always desired to wear is going to make you look more beautiful and charming. So, this summer flaunt your look with elegance and feel your best.